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I'm Lance Powell, a sound engineer based in Los Angeles, CA. I spend my days and nights recording and mixing music for both major label, well-known artists and up-and-coming independent musicians. Genres from pop to R&B to hip hop to rock and back to pop again.


I have some Grammy nominations, gold records and #1 albums out there with my name on them but a happy list of clientele is the real testament to my people skills, work ethic and engineering standards.


I do both attended and unattended sessions with my clients. My home base is Woodshed Recording in Malibu, CA, and I have my own personal studio filled with carefully selected, high end equipment for when the budget doesn't allow for the 'big rooms' - absolutely zero compromise in sound.

I also frequently travel for sessions, whether they be in London, New York or New Zealand.



Simple vocal tracking sessions to production sessions to full band recordings and everything in between.



From full-blown studio lockout every-last-channel-on-the-SSL-and-every-piece-of-outboard-in-the-room to mixtapes. Whether it is for radio release or submission to labels and A&R folk, get an excellent mix done that does your music justice with the best equipment available.

Interested in having some work done? 

Fill out the contact form below, or email me at lance@soundguylance.com.

I'll typically respond within 24 hours at the latest.